Cynthia Boman Thompson, MS, CFP®, Director of Financial and Accounting Services

Financial DirectorCyndi is somebody you want on your team! She loves to connect with people and build a road-map for achieving their goals, whether that’s buying a home, finding a dream-job, or growing a business. Cyndi is passionate about driving others to success and has done so throughout her career, energizing people with her infectious optimism and propelling them to their highest potential.

One of her favorite memories is of a time she advocated for somebody who had been job-searching for 1.5 years and ultimately helped them land their dream job. Although the candidate didn’t stand out on paper, they were exceptionally talented, and Cyndi knew they would flourish if given the chance. After meeting the candidate, the company was blown away, and they’ve been doing great things together ever since.

When Cyndi’s not connecting awesome people, she’s busy being one! She is an avid traveler and especially enjoys planning unique experiences for her family, such as a trip to a musk-ox farm in Alaska, a felucca float down the Nile, or a night-time hike to observe nesting sea turtles.

You can learn more about Cyndi’s work as a financial expert here.