Paul Brown, President

paul-brownPaul loves networking – so much so that he was known as the “Radar O’Reilly” of Intel by a former manager (surely a compliment). Paul is energized when he identifies great connections between people – similar to playing the memory game and remembering where two matching cards are hiding.

Recently, Paul met someone with deep manufacturing experience who wanted to help startups grow. As it happened, Cinder had a client that wanted guidance with their new manufacturing team. Paul had a tingling sensation that they would be a great fit, and didn’t hesitate to connect them. Months later, he was ecstatic to learn that that the two parties had been working together ever since their initial connection and were both enjoying their partnership. These are the stories that stay with you, and Paul wants to tell as many as possible!

Paul loves to share the fun and excitement of networking but also believes that it has an exponentially positive impact. As Cinder engages with job seekers and business leaders, it provides connections and training for people to build their own network, creating not only opportunities for individuals, but stronger and more resilient communities. By connecting people, Paul hopes to spread these benefits and make the world a bit more awesome along the way.

You can read more about Paul’s history in the tech industry here.