Direct Hire



Searching for your next rockstar? Choose from the best.

People are the engine that make your business run – hiring the right talent is one of your most important decisions . We stay connected with a strong community of passionate professionals. That way we can search a larger and more targeted talent network to find potential applicants for you. Our expert screening and administrative prowess save you time, allowing you to focus on business-critical activities.


This model works well for:

  • Filling C-Suite positions
  • Identifying right talent for hard-to-fill positions
  • Finding a permanent candidate for a position
  • Hiring a role that’s outside core competencies of the organization


Benefits of Partnering with Cinder:

  • Employee’s skill and culture fit is evaluated in screening process
  • Fees aren’t due until employee’s start date
  • Cinder can work direct hire and temp positions in parallel to customize our offerings to meet your business conditions

Our Complementary Services

To support our primary services, we offer a suite of complementary services that you can engage at any time in our partnership.

Human Resources Expertise

With experience supporting clients at many stages of growth, we can help nurture and strengthen your team and your HR processes. We’re able to offer the level of support you need whether that is part-time HR assistance, full HR outsourcing or augmenting your existing team.

Finance & Accounting Expertise

Efficiency and productivity can only grow in the right environment. Whether you’re looking for part-time CFO-level support, to fill an interim gap, or simply want financial training for your team – we can support your Finance and Accounting needs.

Technology Solutions Expertise

With strong network and technology roots, Cinder has a wide variety of experience supporting various IT needs internally and externally. We use this experience to support your needs from IT systems support and management to software and database development.

Cross-Industry Expertise

We specialize in talent. What that means for you is that we support all industries alike. We take the time to be specialists in building talented teams by learning the specific needs of our clients and recruiting the right talent to fit your culture. This keeps us focused on delivering the right people for your needs.

Cross-Industry Expertise

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