Cinder 2021 Impact Report

When you finish the year, it’s important to slow down and remember how far you’ve come. You’ve worked, grown, and impacted people’s lives for 12 months! At Cinder we find that taking time to reflect on that journey is essential for appreciating our accomplishments and guiding our actions in the future. That’s why we created our Cinder 2021 Impact Report – a review of all that we’ve done in the past year (and what a year it was!). Our report tells the story of Cinder’s evolution in 2021, giving us a snapshot of our progress that we will compare year over year. 

Cinder grew by leaps in bounds in 2021, and we tell that story in a variety of ways throughout this impact report. We welcomed more new clients this year than any in our history – a 200% increase from 2020! Our team built partnerships with awesome companies like Tillamook, Lytics, and Unitus, while also developing our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion services. And, in our very first year providing EDI consulting and workshops, we established 9 new partnerships featuring our services! This is a testament to our dedicated work in this space and the urgent demand for equitable and inclusive environments. We also made a huge splash by creating our own EDI events. Through our Cinder Connect Conversations and Voices of Equity events, we connected with leaders from our community to discuss the meaning of equity and inclusion from a variety of intersecting perspectives, focusing especially on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and veteran status.

In 2021 we brought Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to the forefront of everything we do at Cinder. You can see this in our new company goals and the fact that our HQ team is more dynamic and diverse than ever before. When we look back at all of these accomplishments, we are not only proud, but revved up to continue our progress in 2022!

And this is just a snapshot of how we’ve impacted our employees, clients, candidates, and community – there is more for you to see in the report itself. 

Grab our full impact report here!

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