Cinder Staffing Captures #9 Spot on the PBJ “Top 10 Metro-area Staffing Firms”

June 15, 2015

Beaverton, OR (12/9/14) – Cinder Staffing announced today that the company captured the #9 spot on the Portland Business Journal’s (PBJ’s) list of Top 10 Metro-area Staffing Firms for 2014. The PBJ article announcing the results cited an expanding economy as part of the challenge for the regional job market. It also shared feedback from its “Top Staffing Firm” surveys that IT and engineering industry positions, in particular, can be the toughest to fill.  

“Cinder has a unique competitive advantage due to the company literally being established for the purpose of filling holes in technical teams,” commented Paul Brown, Vice President of Staffing at Cinder LLC, “As we transformed first into a staffing agency, and now are transforming ever further by extending our unique best practices to serve additional industries, we expect our pattern of rapid growth to continue.”

Brown also referenced the company’s dedicated focus on the long-term success of its talent pool as a big differentiator in the marketplace. Cinder’s workforce are employees of the company and enjoy top benefits, including medical and dental, 401k, training and education reimbursement, and even a steady paycheck between jobs as part of its “On the Bench” program. This allows Cinder to make the most highly qualified candidates in the region available to its clients.

This is not the first time that the PBJ has recognized Cinder’s success. Cinder President & CEO Ryan Hoppes was honored earlier this year as one of the magazine’s “40 Under 40” award recipients. The award recognizes the most accomplished young professional leaders in the area.

About Cinder Staffing

Cinder is leading the staffing revolution. Our people are our employees, not “temps.” They enjoy world-class benefits, ongoing training, leadership opportunities, employment between assignments and more. This means our clients benefit from the best-available pool of highly skilled professionals ready to bring 100% focus and dedication to their projects.

Leaders in the high-tech community founded Cinder to assemble highly specialized and talented project teams to solve specific problems. We continue to serve as a solution provider first and a “staffing agency” second. Then, we examine skills and cultural fit to make the perfect match for every project.

We build teams. That’s remarkable. For more information, visit

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