Introducing the Cinder Talent Network

Introducing the Cinder Talent Network

We love connecting awesome people at Cinder. So lately, we’ve been thinking – how can we help people find great jobs even when they aren’t a match for the positions we have available?

Think about the people you know who truly love their jobs or have jobs that seem interesting and fun. How do you think they got those jobs? Sure, some of them applied through the traditional process, but many of them were referred by a friend or found out about the position through their network. Numerous studies (and more than a few TED Talks) highlight the value of strong networks for helping people find new jobs, apartments, or even lost pets. Your network can be powerful and provide support when you need it the most.

This month we are rolling out our Cinder Networking Cards. These are cards that you can use to interact with people in your network (or meet new people!). The reward for using these cards is not a point system or a trophy – it is a more robust network; we believe that is a worthy goal all on its own. Moreover, we believe that stronger networks build stronger, more resilient communities. If we can help people improve their career prospects and build deeper relationships, then we have found the sweet spot between our values and our community engagement.

Today we are starting the #CinderTalentNetwork and #ConnectingAwesomePeople hashtags as a way of spreading this conversation on social media. We’d love to hear your networking stories – moments when you have helped connect awesome people or have been on the receiving end of a great introduction.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you’d like your own set of these cards, please contact us at