eDiscovery Specialist

Job ID: 2771

Cinder is looking for an eDiscovery Specialist to fill a role for our client in Beaverton, OR. This is a full time, 40 hour per week opportunity with a full benefits package that includes PTO!

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Taking information from the FTP Servers and Sharefile and loading it into the company’s propriety eDiscovery system
  • Creating reviews via TAR that can search massive data sets for specific information
  • Working with law firms to receive data, such as Email accounts, dropbox information, Office documents, etc.
  • Assisting clients with their use of the eDiscovery tools and making sure they can access the information and find the data


Required Skills:

  • Certified Ipro System Administrator with some experience, or extensive experience administering another eDiscovery tool and willing to become Ipro certified
  • Knowledge of FTP Servers and Sharefile
  • Extensive experience working the administrative side of an eDiscovery tool, such as Ipro, Relativity, Disco, or Everlaw
  • Experience in SQL
  • Experience in artificial intelligence or TAR
  • Experience managing customer accounts
  • Experience with search consulting
  • Strong communication skills


Work Environment:

  • Job Location:  Onsight
  • Shift:  Normal business hours


If you are looking for a professional, challenging, stimulating environment and meet the above criteria, please apply now!!


Note to applicants: Cinder is working to create a community-conscious staffing firm. This includes working to address the historically problematic relationship staffing companies have with their employees. This also includes working to address the explicit and implicit ways our work may be excluding people that are historically (and currently) underrepresented in the workforce. To that end, we want to consider as many potential candidates as possible. Our current understanding is that the skills and experience listed here are required in order to be successful in this position. However, if you believe you are a good candidate for this position despite missing some of these skills or experience, please apply anyway and include a cover letter explaining your perspective so that we can fully evaluate your candidacy.

We are unable to sponsor at this time. No third-party candidates considered for this position.


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