Marcus Carter joins Cinder as Director of Social Equity

August 17, 2020

We are excited to announce that Marcus Carter is joining Team Cinder in a new role as Director of Social Equity. In this role, Marcus will join our leadership team and provide his well-respected insights to assist us on our equity journey.

After almost a decade in recruiting, Marcus is intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities that go along with diversifying an organization. He is an active leader in the community, speaking and presenting frequently on topics related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Marcus is the President of the Portland Workforce Alliance Board of Directors. He is also the Director of Diversity for the SW Washington SHRM, a Steering Committee member of TechTown, and a member of Free Geek’s Board of Directors. Marcus also advocates for systemic change as an active member of Critical Resistance.

In addition to guiding Cinder’s internal equity work, Marcus will be leading our new equity consulting services. Our shared goal is to evolve equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts beyond short-term programs and one-off trainings. We intend to offer a holistic model that helps businesses apply an equity lens to decision making at every level. We are also building our capabilities to connect our clients with a talented, varied group of candidates while assisting them with removing the systemic barriers that prevent diversity from thriving in their organizations.

Cinder is a proudly community-conscious agency dedicated to humanizing staffing by connecting awesome people, building amazing teams, and developing authentic partnerships. We work with a broad range of clients and industries, focusing on organizations that truly care about the people in their workforce. Learn more at

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