We are a group of white-identifying community leaders that are looking to move the discussion forward on topics around race, gender, and oppression of all kinds. We also understand that many white leaders in our community are reluctant to fully engage in these discussions because they fear “being canceled” or having their words turned against them in the future.

We have created a unique model explicitly for the purpose of offering our time to other white leaders to help them in their own equity journeys.  Our mutual goal is to increase the number of white leaders who are fully engaged in dismantling systems of oppression wherever they exist. Here are the key aspects of this model:

  1. We are a collaborative from across a wide spectrum of industries, including:
  2. We offer peer mentoring and discussion as a service to other white leaders who want to talk through some of their challenges to fully embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion
    1. You must be ready, willing, and able to engage authentically in these conversations with a clear goal of becoming more aware of your own privilege and power.  This requires relationship building, investing in personal growth, and a desire to build less-oppressive structures going forward.
    2. We are NOT DEI consultants, professional coaches or experts and we strongly recommend engaging with Consultants of Color to do additional work specifically within your organization.  We are most successful when our engagement happens in parallel to the work your organization is also doing so that you can remain fully engaged and committed to the work, even when it gets hard.
  3. We invoice you for the work, then pass a large percentage of that money back to Consultants of Color, who then may further distribute it however they see fit.
    1. Any money we invoice for this service is intended to mainly cover administrative costs (those costs vary depending on each mentor’s specific situation).  However, this is not a free service – your commitment to pay for this reflects your commitment to wealth redistribution.
    2. The goal of passing the money through to Consultants of Color is to, in a small way, facilitate wealth redistribution from the people who need to “do the work” (white folx) to people who have less wealth due to racist policies and practices.
    3. Each one of us is personally responsible for maintaining transparency with the people we’re serving and the people we’re passing money to regarding how much money is being retained and how much is being forwarded on.  Each member of this group may use a different percentage based on their specific situation
  4. By engaging with this group, you agree to commit to attending meetings as scheduled, paying invoices on time, and “doing the work” within yourself and your organization.

If you’re interested in finding out more information and meeting some of our coaches, please contact paul@teamcinder.com.