Portland iOS Development Jobs

May 11, 2015

Portland is quickly becoming one of America’s most desired cities to live. With a consistent population growth among the top in the US and Forbes naming Portland #21 best places for business and careers – not to mention it’s brightly colored and gorgeous around here – it’s easy to see why people have been flooding to the Northwest.

With the rapidly growing market of online and mobile apps moving to Portland, this industry has been and will continue to see a lot of growth in the future. 5 of the 10 fastest growing companies in Portland are either in software, tech or app development. Companies such as Ebay have expanded their offices to Portland and it’s continued to grow to a location where now over 200 employees are dedicated to working on the development of mobile apps for Ebay’s marketplace. All this equals a surge of iOS development jobs in Portland.


Portland has become a growing trend for tech companies to expand to. When the factors of growing jobs and affordable real estate are combined, people will come. And if those people are talented – which they usually are – in follow more companies, bringing more jobs, and better pay, creating an exponential effect. Portland just happens to be at the crossroads of these ideal circumstances right now. Not only are companies growing here to find more economical office space, but it makes it more ideal for people to relocate to. With the crazy inflated prices of places like southern California and bay area real estate, Portland has become a reasonable next move for companies and employees. This gives people in the Portland iOS development industry a chance to find the right fit of excellent company, good job, great education, and desired location.

Perfect Location

Portland has a great mix of having enough action that it’s certainly a city, yet with its compact area it’s still sizable enough to be quickly mobile and have that smaller, community feel. With bus lines and light rails criss-crossing around the city to arrive at nearly any desired destination, getting around Portland is an easy, pleasant experience.

If you’re into any outdoor activity, Portland is a delightful location. With 9,400 acres of parks, including the largest urban wilderness park in the country, Portland is an ideal place for fans of the outdoors and been known as the Greenest city in the US for years. Outdoor sports are year-round in Portland. All within a couple hours drive, you can head to Mt. Hood for some of the best skiing in the Northwest, hop over to the wonderful Oregon Coast for some gorgeous beach scenery and surfing, or take a quick drive to the Columbia River Gorge for world-class windsurfing and kite boarding. There’s also an abundance of kayaking, hiking and mountain biking opportunities all around Portland.


For indoor activities, Portland has an expanding number of microbreweries, local restaurants and coffee purveyors to keep you entertained, and the industries show no signs of slowing down. If you’re a fan of imbibing, Portland is becoming one of the best places in the country for eating and drinking delicacies.

As the iOS development industry keeps growing in Portland, so do the jobs, the people, and all the exciting opportunities. If you’re looking for something in the iOS field and are located or would like to live in Portland, contact us today, we would love to help you find the perfect fit of career and location.

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