Validation Engineer

Cinder is like a second family!

Connie Lee Schiefer

SVP of Engineering, Simply Hired

Cinder’s team members are capable of taking on key roles in our organization and create a cohesive group that melds right into our team.

Dan O.

Lead Validation Technician

I like that Cinder has social gatherings and family events. Things like team lunches and company gatherings are good morale boosters for employees.

Dan V.

Senior Lead Validation Engineer

I love the simple fact that I can reach out to just about anyone in the company and communicate with them.


Software Engineer

I like working with Cinder because I get to see what I build being used by hundreds of people every day!


Validation Engineer

Everyone I’ve worked with is open to communication, transparency, and growth, which is very encouraging on a day-to-day basis and builds a lot of camaraderie with teammates.

Jason Bolt

Founder and CEO, Revant Optics

Cinder Listens. They asked for feedback and adjusted. It was more of a relationship than a transaction.


Validation Engineer

One thing I like about working with Cinder is having the opportunity to change and break down stigmas.


Validation Engineer

My favorite part about working with Cinder is the variety of tasks and the great people I get to work with.


Lab Manager

Cinder is hands down the best staffing company that I have ever worked with. At Cinder, it’s all about teams that work well together. We care about both employees and clients, and that’s fantastic.

Keith Maher

Founder and CEO, VR Motion

Cinder took hands-on ownership from the initial meeting to final placement. Their systems are highly efficient!


Lead Lab Tech

My account manager, lead, and co-workers often feel like a second family. Cinder offers a chance to be a part of something good!


Software Validation Engineer

I feel Cinder is investing in my career, and there are always opportunities to learn new technologies.


Lead Validation Engineer

I think Cinder is an amazing place for new grads to start their careers and for veterans to learn new skills. I’ve referred several people to Cinder!


Hardware-Software Integration Engineer

My favorite part of my job with Cinder is managing processes from conception to production.


Platform Validation Engineer

My favorite part of working with Cinder finding the bugs that others have missed and managing my team!


Bluetooth Validation Technician

Having a lead on-site enables the client to speak directly to leadership about any problems or concerns and makes everything smoother.

Tim B.

Lead Validation Technician

I have worked for many different staffing agencies, and what separates Cinder is the fact that they treat you as part of a team.

Tim G.

Build Technician

Cinder encourages cross-training and promoting from within. It’s encouraging to know that I work with great people that recognize and reward me for my efforts!


Software Engineer

My favorite part about working with Cinder is the friendly, casual environment. I also love creating software and seeing it used by clients.


Inventory Specialist

The other staffing agency that I worked with didn’t take care of the employees well, so there was no motivation to give 100%. I actually like coming to work for Cinder!


Senior Validation Engineer

I love Cinder’s ability to place people in environments that best suit their strengths as well as Cinder’s unending support for their employees.