What would you say to someone who is contemplating an outsourced model for staffing or recruitment?

I had many concerns and bad experiences in the past with outsourcing and offshoring my engineering work, but it turned out that Cinder is a completely different partner. Cinder engineers are employed directly by Cinder and are provided with relevant ongoing training, benefits and a positive team culture. Cinder is invested in the growth of its employees and you can see that in the dedication and commitment to them.

What surprised you about the Cinder Team Model?

I didn’t expect to partner with the Cinder team as closely as we do. From the top of Cinder to the individual engineers, our Cinder team never feels like “just contractors.” Cinder’s team members are capable of taking on key roles in our organization and create a cohesive group that melds right into our team.

What do you appreciate most about your Cinder team lead?

The Cinder team lead is the communication hub that holds our projects together. Anytime the project scope changes or we need to change what is or isn’t working, the Cinder team lead handles the communication.

How does Cinder differ from offshore alternatives?

They provide quality technical talent at a great rate, especially when you include the quality of the work and the expertise of the Cinder resources. The projects we have been able to entrust to the Cinder team are much more complex than what we were able to do with offshore options. Also, since we’re in the same time zone, we avoid lag time and save funds otherwise wasted on communication, with the additional advantage that we can meet with the team in person several times a year.

Does Cinder decrease your operational expenses / overhead? If yes, by how much?

The Cinder Team Model saves Simply Hired 25% on staffing costs with a team 50% more efficient than offshore alternatives. They provide quality technical talent at a great rate. It also helps that Cinder is located near Portland, Oregon – a day trip from major metropolitan areas all along the west coast.

What other benefits does Cinder’s Team Model offer to Simply Hired?

Simply Hired considers Cinder an extension of our team because they understand the needs of our company. Senior Cinder employees take the lead with onboarding new hires, orienting them to our company culture, giving them the initial training they need and explaining the project scope and expectations.