Why did Revant Optics connect with Cinder?

“We were trying to find a solution for our lack of bandwith in recruiting and HR. As an early stage business, it’s difficult to find time to do professional roadmapping. We have aggressive growth plans and want to make Revant a great place to work. We needed HR strategy and were working to hire the best individuals to join our team.”

What are the most significant improvements that have resulted from working with Cinder?

“They brought a robust process to our recruiting efforts and acted as a filter, which saved us a lot of time. They asked the right questions, so we thought more deeply about the scalable process in recruiting and identifying why those candidates would be a good fit.

They got to know Revant – our team, our culture, our values. That saved us a lot of time by helping identify higher quality candidates faster so that we can maintain and scale a very cohesive culture.

We’re very big on creating an incredible place to work. A lot of our team members wanted a professional roadmap – Cinder created a structure for the communication and worked with each employee to create professional roadmaps. This creates energy and solidifies the culture, helping them understand their opportunities.”

What would you say to somebody considering working with Cinder?

“Cinder Listens. I’ve been able to meet with [their president] 3 times to continue refining the process. They asked for feedback and adjusted. It was more of a relationship than a transaction.”