Top Organizations for Job Seekers in Portland

February 4, 2020

When you’re hunting for a new job, familiarizing yourself with local organizations is one of the best ways to give yourself an edge with unique opportunities for employment, networking, and skill-building. In the Portland area there are tons of local organizations that can help you find awesome opportunities, but here are a few of the best ones to start with:


We’d love to connect with you and help with your job search! Although we have positions available across the U.S. and Canada, our headquarters is in Hillsboro, and we have some fantastic job opportunities in the Portland area. Search our open jobs and download the Cinder mobile app on iOS / Android to find your next great role and stay up-to-date on new positions. For more tips and expert advice, check out our Job Seeker Resources

Portland Women in Tech

PDXWIT is committed to advancing inclusion in Portland’s tech industry by offering community and skill-building events, mentorship, and access to jobs and opportunities. In addition to being an avenue for finding (and posting) job opportunities, it’s a phenomenal place to volunteer, build community, and help support people who identify as women, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, and underrepresented within the tech industry. Be sure to check out their events page for great ways to connect, such as their monthly free happy hour events.

Mac’s List  

From their high quality job opportunities to their excellent job search advice, this Pacific Northwest job board is one of the top resources for passionate professionals in Oregon and Washington.

WorkSource Oregon

This organization and its affiliate, WorkSource Portland Metro, are networks of public and private partners that support the region’s economy by connecting businesses and workers with the resources they need to succeed. Their site has a wide variety of resources such as workshops and you can also connect with them at WorkSource centers across the state.

Local Government

State, county, and city governments have many high quality jobs spanning a wide variety of skill sets. Here are a few of the larger organizations that you should check out near Portland:

PCC Workforce Development

Portland Community College’s Workforce Development organization partners with WorkSource Oregon and WorkSystems Inc. to provide a variety of services for job seekers in Washington County, including on-the-job training, skills development, resume and interview workshops, advising and counseling, and more. In addition to taking advantage of the resources in on their site, you can connect with them at their offices in Beaverton and Tualatin.

Local Networking Groups

This one is a no-brainer! It’s a great way to meet professionals in your area, establish a network, and have fun meeting new people. There are a thousand different groups out there, and just as many ways to go about finding them, but free networking platforms like Meetup and Facebook groups are a great, low-cost place to start.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Based in Portland, New Horizons is one of the world’s largest computer training networks, with over 300 training centers worldwide. Although they offer a wide variety of online classes, you can also build up your IT skill set at their Portland Campus



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