Welcoming Réland Logan as Cinder’s Manager of Connection and Growth 

April 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Réland Logan has joined Team Cinder in a new role as Manager of Connection and Growth. In this role, Réland joins our leadership team and brings extensive marketing experience to our efforts.

In addition to running Gray Digital Mktg, where Réland provides social media strategy for her clients, she was recently named as one of the Top 50 Black Marketers on the Rise by the African-American Marketing Association. She has done business development for several staffing companies and most recently was the director of growth for the Everyday Company, further aiding small businesses in understanding their marketing data. Réland also emphasizes the importance of relationship-building in her community work where she is the VP of programming and president-elect for the American Marketing Association PDX Chapter, the event coordinator for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and a consulting advisor for SimpleX.

You can hear Réland on a variety of podcasts including Our Diverse Pineappletribe, where she is a host, as well as Let’s Talk MarketingSuper EntrepreneursKnow Like & Trust Show, and The Other Side of Sales. She also speaks frequently on equity, diversity, and how they overlap with marketing and social media. Réland co-authored the American Marketing Association DEI pledge and sits on their DEI Taskforce and DEI Education committee. We are excited to add her voice to our internal equity work!

Réland will be an important player in streamlining our sales and marketing processes as we continue to formalize our equity services while also expanding our staffing and recruiting work. We also look forward to her helping shape the direction of our brand so that it is consistent with our message of equity and inclusion. Given her experience with digital communications and marketing, her expertise with delivering great events, and her cross-industry sales background, Réland will have a big impact on Cinder!

Cinder is a community-conscious agency dedicated to humanizing staffing by connecting awesome people, building amazing teams, and developing authentic partnerships. We work with a broad range of clients and industries, focusing on organizations that truly care about the people in their workforce. Learn more at www.teamcinder.com.

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