Finding the right place to start for your organization

When organizations reach out to us, we find it is because they can’t answer the following questions.

Some struggle with the Why.

Why should they be considering an Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) strategy or why do they need to understand that EDI is more than an ROI.

Other organizations may be thinking about the What

What step should they take next. What will get the organization to embrace the EDI journey as part of company culture.

Or maybe it’s the how.

How to get started with introducing the work to the organization. How to ensure it is infused in every aspect of the business.

This isn’t just organization work, this is human being work.


Older working woman

Why is a recruiting agency in the business of
Equity, Diversity + Inclusion?

This is the first step in the journey in creating better workplaces.  We acknowledge that traditionally it has been considered taboo to speak about bias and oppression at work. However as James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it’s faced.” 

As an organization we are choosing to face the following as we work to build more equitable and inclusive workplaces:

  1. Organizations lack perspectives from any community that is not well represented on the team. This lack of perspective is an organizational deficit that needs to be addressed intentionally. 
  2. A homogeneous workforce (across race, class, gender, orientation, ability, or any other identity) is based on entrenched and biased hiring, culture, and retention methods and needs to be proactively changed to achieve a different result. 
  3. Racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, and other forms of Social Justice efforts are advanced by building an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity and enables everyone to feel safe, valued and like they belong. This must include inviting new perspectives, work styles, and cultural norms to impact the workplace. 
  4. Team members holding underrepresented identities feel isolated, tokenized or worse. Representation for those identities is needed at all levels of the organization and those voices must be empowered to influence the direction of the organization. 
We value transparency and want to extend transparency to our team members, candidates, clients and anyone else we may interact with so that they may be able to describe the work we are doing and help be a part of the change. 

Workshops + Facilitation

Our workshops and facilitation help organizations introduce and engage tools + frameworks that support equitable and inclusive transformation. 

Consulting + Strategy Building

Our consulting and strategy  helps organizations build roadmaps, establish and refine programming, education, initiatives and polices. 

Organizational Transformation

Our organizational transformation offering puts together both our workshops + consulting to add a customize approach to the needs of your organization.