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Cinder is a recruiting company specializing in Technical, HR, Finance and other professional roles.

Our Services

We create workforce solutions to connect you with awesome people, diversify your workforce, and create a welcoming culture.


Work with us to grow your team, find those hard-to-find employees, and build a diverse organization. 

Payroll, Benefits, and HR

Building a company is hard. We make it easier!

Partner with us to provide a fantastic employee experience and skip the headaches of growing your organization. 


If you want to go far, go together. Collaborate with our hiring experts and equity consultants to help your organization thrive.

Why Work With Us?


You want a hiring partner, we want your organization to thrive.


Tech Expertise

Need a team of software engineers and testers ASAP?

That’s our thing!

Our Values

Work with us to diversify your workforce and bridge the opportunity gap

We connect awesome people with awesome opportunities.

Search our open roles to find a job where you thrive.

Who we work with:

We build partnerships with people who care!

If you’re passionate about helping people succeed in the workplace, we’d love to meet you and see how we can work together.