We Build Teams.

How to Build a Fire (and a Talented Team)

Just like a team, building a fire requires preparation, expertise and a spark! You need the right energy and structure to create one that lasts.

There are three basic steps for building a fire:


Create the Foundation

Create the Foundation

We start by building our “WE” — the foundation of our partnership.

Cinder prioritizes relationships over transactions. We get to know your company, culture and needs so that we can help build the right team for you.


Assemble the Structure

Assemble the Structure

Having spent the time to get to know each other, Cinder is uniquely qualified to look beyond the keyword matches and find the candidates that best fit your team.

We’re not a placement service, we build talented teams.


Ignite the Fire

Ignite the Fire

Filling your positions is just the beginning!

We fuel our partnership with ongoing team development and a personalized account management plan that adapts as your needs and opportunities change.

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