Whether it’s recruiting, temp-to-hire, managed services, or something more, we will work together to build a workforce solution that fits your needs.


We are a proudly community-conscious agency dedicated to humanizing staffing by connecting awesome people, building amazing teams, and developing authentic partnerships.  We work with a broad range of clients and industries, and they share a few things in common:

  • Truly care about their workforce
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Value collaboration and partnership
  • Actively engage with their community
  • Desire a staffing partner that will stay engaged after the placement

Here are a few partnerships that we’re particularly proud of:

A banking startup wanted a staffing partner to diversify the demographics of their call center while also quickly expanding their workforce and improving employee engagement. We developed a thorough screening process with their staff to identify a talented, diverse group of people to work alongside their team as Cinder employees. In addition, to seek out candidates not usually found on major job sites, we built relationships with organizations in the community like Urban League and the local employment offices. To support new team members we also built a month-long training curriculum to help them quickly learn the ropes and bond with coworkers. Over 3 years, the Cinder temp to hire team ranged from 40-100 people and had an average of 41% people of color as well as a balanced distribution of male/female identifying team members. Our daily onsite supervision and dedicated team of account managers kept the team motivated and performing at a high level, resulting in dramatically improved retention rates with average tenure doubling during the time we worked together.

An international technology company needed a staffing solution that would provide more stability and performance than traditional contracting, which suffers from constant turnover. In partnership with their management, we created a managed services model that leverages on-the-ground technical leads and a full-time account manager to directly guide and support Cinder contractor teams.Through improved morale and high quality benefits, we have achieved unparalleled employee engagement and build an invaluable core of veterans for our client. As of December 2019, among over 130 team members supporting this client, 54% of our team members have been with us for at least 3 years and 29% have been with us at least 5 years.  

A local startup needed to grow rapidly, so we created a staffing model that provided both HR support and formal recruiting efforts. Within a year, we had built a team of over 30 direct hires, developed their HR procedures, and recruited a full-time HR expert to support their team independently going forward.

Jason Bolt, Founder and CEO: “They got to know Revant – our team, our culture, our values. That saved us a lot of time by helping identify higher quality candidates faster so that we can maintain and scale a very cohesive culture.”  Read more of Jason’s testimonial here.

Multiple nationwide health care companies have worked with us to provide recruiting services for addiction rehabilitation providers, audiologists, and numerous support staff across 20+ states and Mexico/Canada. To meet the unique needs of every client, our dedicated recruiters maintain frequent communication with hiring managers and make sure they understand the nuances of each practice. We have filled 100+ positions for these diverse clients and continue to work with many of them as they expand their services.

A Bay Area company was looking for a solution that would offer lower costs than hosting a team in San Francisco while also being closer to their time zone than their partner in Asia. We were able to adapt their onboarding process and host a team of dedicated Cinder software developers at our facility in Oregon, achieving both of their goals. This 10-person team supported Simply Hired’s development for 2 years, working from Oregon while calling into daily stand-up meetings and traveling to their Bay Area facility every quarter. Simply Hired valued this team so much that they even hired several people as full-time employees – something we love to see with our temp-to-hire engagements.

Connie Lee Schiefer, SVP of Engineering – “From the top of Cinder to the individual engineers, our Cinder team never feels like ‘just contractors.’ Cinder’s team members are capable of taking on key roles in our organization and create a cohesive group that melds right into our team.”  Read more of Connie’s testimonial here.