Cinder / First Tech Savings Partnership: 2018 Success

January 10, 2019


In an effort to empower our awesome people and encourage good savings habits, we partnered with First Tech to create an incentivized savings plan for 2018. Our employees had incredible success in the first cycle of the program (May 1st – Oct 31st), with 38 members saving a total of $6,543 and earning $640 in bonus payments.

Now that the second cycle has ended, we are proud to say that our program has more than doubled in size – the program now has 78 members with a total of $14,632 in savings and $1,215 in bonuses.

We are excited to see our employees flourish! We can’t wait to renew this program in 2019 and find ways forward to make it even more impactful.

For any questions regarding this plan, please contact Paul Brown ( or Maxine Kroll (


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